The repair of the mill spindle.

After 4 months of work on the shaft of the water wheel, which was thought to be irreparable, we managed to restore it successfully! With hardwood, 21 liters of epoxy, the expertise of Corne Hoogendoorn, the craftsmanship of Gerhard Jannink and the expertise of Johann Huneke (previous owner) it is Bea Tilanus and Romke Schievink managed to get the waterwheel fit again. A new axle would have cost us more than 18,000 euros! We now hope to be able to move forward for years and we hope to be able to generate power at the end of this year, namely about 5 to 7 Kw / h (that is between 120 and 168 KwH per day, Average household used 3 to 5 Kw / h per day).